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The Edge is Back!

The projects known as “The Edge” are a collection of six Coastal Development Permit applications. They have a long history at the Commission. The permit applications were originally submitted in 2007/2008. Since that time, the applications have been withdrawn and re-submitted twice by the applicants in order to allow more time to resolve outstanding issues that were identified during staff analysis of the proposed projects. The Commission denied the permits in June of 2011. Litigation ensued. In 2014, the permits were remanded to the Commission. Revised versions were filed in August of 2014. The revised permits were considered at the May 2015 Commission hearings. That hearing was continued to allow the applicants to further revise their proposals for consistency with the updated LCP for the Santa Monica Mountains. The revised applications are now scheduled for December 10, 2015 as Items Thursday 17a to f.

The staff report for the December hearing is available at The May 2015 staff report is at and the June 2011 staff report is at

The Sierra Club has consistently opposed the proposed development as being inconsistent with the LCP and inappropriate for this sensitive area. The Santa Monica Mountains Task Force ( is the lead entity for the Sierra Club.