Lawson’s Landing


Lawson’s Landing have applied for an Amendment to their CDP, which restricts development of an area known as Area 6 to those parts of Area 6 that were already legally developed. Their amendment proposes developing the whole of Area 6 on the grounds that they really, really want to and it makes sense to put various facilities, including their wastewater system, there.
When they submitted a similar Amendment last year, staff rejected it on the grounds that it was in conflict with the CDP. They appealed that rejection, but a week before the scheduled hearing, they withdrew their appeal.
This year the staff is planning to accept the amendment and want to bring it to the Commission as soon as possible.

Among the issues with this:

  • It is likely to be heard in August, at Malibu, not exactly near Marin.
  • The North Central Commissioner, Aaron Peskin, has long-standing plans and will not be at that meeting. No Alternate has yet been appointed.
  • The 2011 CDP was based on conflict resolution and we believe that any attempt to “re-balance” would set a dangerous precedent for the entire state.

In preparation for the meeting, possibly as soon as August, we will need help mobilizing statewide opposition to the concept of revisiting a permit achieved through conflict resolution. We hope that some Sierra Club members will be at the August (or whenever) meeting and will speak to this issue.