Banning Ranch

Banning Ranch, the last large unprotected coastal open space in Southern California, has been saved (for now) from the bulldozers!

The Banning Ranch Conservancy prevailed in a lawsuit against the original permit issued by the City of Newport Beach. That means that any new proposal must start over at the beginning of the approval process for a CDP, and get approval from the City before they can come back to the Coastal Commission.

On December 9, 2016, the Commission approved a permit for consolidation of oilfield operations.

On September 7, 2016, the Coastal Commission voted to deny an application for a huge development on the site. They concluded that the development plan was not consistent with the Coastal Act.

WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP. Please help us stop the destruction of environmentally sensitive habitat areas, threatened wildlife species, coastal wetlands and vernal pools. This battle was won, but the war is not over. The Sierra Club will need to be prepared for further assaults on coastal resources at Banning Ranch and other sensitive sites.

The Sierra Club Angeles Chapter has a Task Force devoted to preservation of Banning Ranch. See
for more information.

There is extensive information about the site on the Banning Ranch Conservancy web site at: