Banning Ranch – Part Two

The next round on Banning Ranch is coming up in December in Ventura.

The owner of the mineral rights (Horizontal Development LLC) and the oil field operator (West Newport Oil Co.) are planning on consolidating their operation, which is currently spread over the entire 400-acre property, onto two small footprints totaling 15 acres, and are specifically applying for a CDP to drill a maximum of 82 new wells on these 15 acres over several decades.

Due to an agreement related to an ongoing lawsuit, the Commission has agreed to hold a hearing on this permit before the end of 2016. It had been tentatively scheduled for November in Half Moon Bay, but is now scheduled for December in Ventura. We would like to get a good turnout for the hearing, which will be held at Ventura City Hall. Members of the Los Padres and Angeles Chapters are encouraged to plan a trip to Ventura for the hearing.

See the Ventura Guide page for travel information.