CNRCC Meeting May 4 to 6 in SLO

On May 4 to 6 the CNRCC will be meeting in San Luis Obispo. The theme this spring is Climate Change. Each of the CNRCC issue committees has been asked to provide a 10-minute report on how their work relates to climate change.  For a preview of the Coastal Committee presentation, see this pdf.

The major impact of climate change that affects our issues is sea level rise. Sea level rise will be involved in more and more coastal development issues as the water rises. The California Coastal Commission has issued guidance documents, and is giving grants to local governments to update their Local Coastal Programs (LCP’s) to address sea level rise. This is generating some pushback from coastal property owners. It will be important to engage on these issues to support the work of local governments and the Commission. To meet this challenge, we need increased participation from chapters that are not currently represented on our committee, or whose representatives have not been actively involved.

Coastal Committee members are encouraged to attend the CNRCC meeting. I have been attending them for many years, and always have a good time. I really appreciate the opportunity to meet activists in person, and to hear what other committees and chapters are doing. For travel information, see the Morro Bay Guide