Sea Level Rise on the August Agenda

Items 5 and 6 on the Thursday, August 9 Coastal Commission agenda are about Sea Level Rise.

Th.5. Resolution on Sea Level Rise and Shoreline Preservation
Commission discussion and possible action on resolution committing to maintain and enhance California’s beaches and shoreline habitats as sea level rises. (AR- SF)

Th.6. Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance
Informational presentation on draft updates to Commission’s Sea Level Rise Policy Guidance to reflect new scientific information and recommendations from the Ocean Protection Council. (KD-SF)

Item 6 contains links to two documents:

Rising Seas in California: An Update on Sea-Level Rise Science

OPC State Sea-Level Rise Guidance: 2018 Update

Hollister Ranch Settlement Protest

Next Friday, July 13, at the Coastal Commission hearings in Scotts Valley, there is an item on the agenda that is important to the Sierra Club. It is an informational item on the proposed settlement agreement for Hollister Ranch. There is extensive information about this item on this page and on the Gaviota Coast Conservancy web site.

The Sierra Club is preparing to intervene in the litigation. Meanwhile, we would like people to attend the commission hearing next Friday. The Ventana Chapter Santa Cruz Group, and the Loma Prieta Chapter Guadalupe Group are the closest to the hearing location.

The hearing will be at the Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley, 6001 La Madrona Dr, Scotts Valley, California 95060. The Hollister Ranch Item will be heard starting early in the day, most likely before 10 AM. Many organizations and individuals will be speaking in opposition to the proposed settlement, so the hearing is likely to take a while.

Please attend if you can, and speak up for public access to the coast. For background, here is a letter that our coalition submitted to the Commission, and here is the briefing book prepared by the California Coastal Protection Network (12 MB pdf file).