Desal Projects Threaten Coastal Resources

There are currently three desalination projects in southern California actively moving through the development process. Desalination is a serious threat to our marine resources so if you have not put desalination on your radar, now is the time.The Poseidon Huntington Beach Project remains the biggest threat with a hearing at the Orange County Water District coming up on July 18th,  See www.californiadesalfacts for more information.  The Angeles Chapter has also set up an Add Up Campaign on the project.  The West Basin Water District Desal project has a EIR out for public comment with a deadline of Monday. The Angeles Chapter has submitted comments.  Also the South Coast Water District has released the EIR for their proposed Doheny Desalination plant for public comment with a deadline of August 25th.  If you have any questions about any of these please let me know. Please spread the word on these projects, the more people know about the facts of desalination the better for our cause.
Ray Hiemstra