Sierra Club Coastal Parking Policy

Determining Sierra Club positions on parking charges at state beaches and other public outdoor recreational facilities.

Sierra Club California supports charging for parking at State Beaches and similar facilities, including adjacent public streets and roads, especially when:
a. Public transit serves the site
b. The site can be accessed safely and conveniently by foot and bicycle
c. Increased on-street parking in the vicinity would neither impede traffic nor cause a safety hazard
d. Increased off-site parking would not impact fragile geologic features or wildlife habitat
e. Parking fees would not disproportionally impede access for economically or physically disadvantaged individuals and communities
f. Parking fees do not conflict with Local Coastal Plan provisions to maximize public access, and ensure Californians’ rights to coastal access guaranteed by the state constitution.
g. Overflow parking from adjacent businesses would use the state park lot if it were free.
Unless these conditions preponderantly apply, the Club position on parking charges at beaches, public parks, and similar outdoor recreational facilities shall be determined locally on a case by case basis, based on the criteria listed above and with notification to the CNRCC State Parks and Coastal Committees.

Passed by the California-Nevada Regional Conservation Committee, May 1, 2016

Contacts: Rue Furch, and 707-246-1301
Victoria Brandon,