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Victory at Martin’s Beach

A Victory in the battle for access to Martin’s Beach

Appeals court backs order to unblock access to beach
The ruling requires billionaire landowner to open gate to area near Half Moon Bay.

The campaign to maintain public access to Martins Beach has notched a victory, with a state appeals court upholding an order that required a wealthy landowner to stop blocking the only road to the sand.

The ruling, filed Wednesday, doesn’t settle the tangle of litigation over public entry to the sweeping crescent south of Half Moon Bay.

But it does affirm a lower court decision that billionaire Vinod Khosla has to unlock the gate to Martins Beach Road while the legal fight continues.

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Banning Ranch Postponed Again

Days before the May hearing, the developer requested another postponement. Wednesday they asked that the item be heard in September on the far North Coast, as far as possible from the project site, to minimize public participation.

The staff report for the May hearing is at:

Two Controversial Projects to be Considered in September

At the urging of Banning Ranch, consideration of its proposed project will be heard in September. E-mail correspondence concerning this project may be sent to Poseidon Water’s proposal to build a desalination project in Huntington Beach will also be heard this September. At the urging of NGOs and the public, the CCC decided Thursday to hear both projects in Newport Beach.

Iron Rangers Continued

At the April hearing, the Commission heard testimony but then decided to Continue the item to a future date.